Living Space Audio & Video Integration – You don’t have to sacrifice style and decor to have an enjoyable entertainment system in your living areas.  Every room is different and we know how to install your television, speakers, and other components in a way that performs well and doesn’t detract from the look of your room.

Home Theater  – The best way to watch any movie.  Big screen.  Big sound.  Big fun.  Achieving a truly exciting cinematic experience requires so much more than picking the right electronics and connecting them together.  We can help.

Smart Home & Automation –  Adding network connected technology to your home’s existing lighting, comfort, and security systems can make your house an even better place to be.  We can design and implement a plan surrounding the benefits that matter most to your family which include making your home more beautiful, comfortable, efficient, and healthy.

Home Network Improvement – More and more of our daily entertainment comes from the internet, and more and more devices in our home need a connection to work properly.  Bad wifi is no fun.  We can design and install a home network to suit your needs and ensure that you stay connected regardless of where you are in your home.

Music Listening Room – For music lovers, there isn’t much else better than dimming the lights and getting lost in a great album.  Having an area built with music in mind will make for an experience far more powerful and moving than any car stereo or bluetooth speaker could ever provide.

Whole House Music – Fill your house with your favorite music!  Whether you’re doing housework or entertaining your friends and family at your annual holiday party, music makes it better!  Technology has made having music everywhere more convenient and enjoyable than ever before.  Play the same music throughout the house, different music in different rooms, or only one room – it’s all possible!

Outdoor Entertainment System – Bring the inside outside.  You can enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the latest episode of your favorite TV series at the same time!  Outdoor TVs and music systems can withstand the elements and look and sound great, allowing you to stay outside longer and have more fun doing it.

Gaming Center – Today’s video games have amazing graphics and incredible sound, not to mention immersive stories that rival great movies.  Whistler can help you maximize the fun, whether it be online multiplayer, single player campaign, or party games with friends, we can make it practical and awesome.

Consultation & Design Services – More of a Do-It-Yourselfer?  Don’t live in our area?  You can still take advantage of our years of experience in the industry.  Schedule a remote consultation and we can chat via Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, or even the telephone to give you personalized advice on what to do in your home to get the most out of your entertainment system.