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To Soundbar or Not to Soundbar?

One of the most popular sound solutions for people with a flat panel television is to add a powered soundbar just beneath the TV.  They’re generally affordable, and offer a major improvement over using the TV’s built-in speakers.  As is the case with all technology solutions, there are pros and cons to going the soundbar route.  In this post I’m going to help you decide if a soundbar is right for your entertainment system. Continue reading “To Soundbar or Not to Soundbar?”

Getting it Right: Front Speaker Layout in a Family Room

In this video I lay out 5 basic rules for proper front speaker placement in a family room situation.  I then go through some real examples to show how to apply the rules and get better performance without compromising your room decor.

The Single Most Important TV Picture Setting

In this video I explain the one setting for picture quality that everyone seems to have wrong, and how to fix it for a major boost in image quality.

Jamming with Alexa! Echo Dot Observations and Integration

Check out this video in which I give my first impressions of the Echo Dot:

After living with the Echo Dot for awhile, I figured out a way to make it much more usable with my system by making some adjustments to my URC Total Control system’s programming.  Here’s a video summarizing what I did:

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In finding us you have found a company dedicated to helping enrich the lives of individuals and families through the enjoyment of great music, cinema, TV series, and video games.  Technology and the internet have made entertainment content more accessible than ever before, and we have dedicated our professional lives to understanding how to take full advantage of this expansive category, so that people like you can enjoy it.

On this page you will find various pieces of information that are important for you to know as a consumer.  You’ll have a better understanding about what Whistler does and be made aware of things that many people don’t consider when shopping for entertainment technology.

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