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The Single Most Important TV Picture Setting

In this video I explain the one setting for picture quality that everyone seems to have wrong, and how to fix it for a major boost in image quality.

Jamming with Alexa! Echo Dot Observations and Integration

Check out this video in which I give my first impressions of the Echo Dot:

After living with the Echo Dot for awhile, I figured out a way to make it much more usable with my system by making some adjustments to my URC Total Control system’s programming.  Here’s a video summarizing what I did:

Welcome to Whistler

You should find some pretty cool stuff here.  This page will soon be filled with various tidbits about home entertainment system how-tos and check-this-outs and such.  Some helpful, some awesome – hopefully mostly awesome.  It’s really great being in the business of fun.  There has never been a better time in history to be alive as a lover of music and storytelling, and I get to help people every day feel great by helping connect them with their favorite means of escape, relaxation, and emotion – life is good.  So scroll around and feel free to comment and share your own experiences and questions.  I bet you and I have something in common: we work hard to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for ourselves and our loved ones.  Guess what?  You and your family deserve to be happy at home, and I know that enjoying great music or a great story makes life at home more fun – period.  Let’s make it happen.

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