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You should find some pretty cool stuff here.  This page will soon be filled with various tidbits about home entertainment system how-tos and check-this-outs and such.  Some helpful, some awesome – hopefully mostly awesome.  It’s really great being in the business of fun.  There has never been a better time in history to be alive as a lover of music and storytelling, and I get to help people every day feel great by helping connect them with their favorite means of escape, relaxation, and emotion – life is good.  So scroll around and feel free to comment and share your own experiences and questions.  I bet you and I have something in common: we work hard to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for ourselves and our loved ones.  Guess what?  You and your family deserve to be happy at home, and I know that enjoying great music or a great story makes life at home more fun – period.  Let’s make it happen.

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Disappearing Bass – Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t!

A simple experiment that quickly demonstrates how dramatically a room can affect bass, and how important placement of subs and seats can be in a listening room.

5 DIY Home Theater Mistakes

Here are five of the most common mistakes I see when I visit a do-it-yourselfer’s home theater:

IMG_00341.) Subwoofer in the corner
For years makers of budget subwoofers have encouraged people to put their sub in the corner of the room. Being close to room boundaries helps boost the overall bass output for these under-powered subwoofers. Unfortunately it also greatly magnifies the sonic issues caused by the room itself. Locating the sub in the corner puts the maximum energy into the room modes that cause “boomy,” obnoxious bass, and leads to a very inconsistent experience between different seats in the home theater.
Continue reading “5 DIY Home Theater Mistakes”

Sub & Seat Placement Matter!

Check out this video where I provide two real world examples of how placement of subwoofers and seats in a room affects the sound from your music and movies.

Discs vs. Streaming: A Video Shootout

discs-vs-streaming.jpgMore and more people are getting their video content from the internet from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.  There’s no doubt that these on demand type services are so much more convenient than the days of going to rent discs at places like Blockbuster when we had to deal with availability issues and late fees.  These streaming services have been especially good for supporting the new 4K Ultra HD standard by providing easy access to lots of 4K content to help make people feel good about their new TV.

With such great success from these online services, is there any place left in this world for movies on disc?  Should we declare this as the time of death for physical media and trade in our bluray players for FireTV sticks and Rokus?  If convenience is king, then perhaps these questions have already been answered.  However, knowing that there might be a real difference in the quality of the content between sources, I decided it would be worthwhile to setup a comparison between discs and streaming services to see if a few regular people (and myself) could really see any difference. Continue reading “Discs vs. Streaming: A Video Shootout”

WhistlerTracks – A Spotify Playlist

Follow this playlist on Spotify to keep up with some of the amazing songs I come across while I work to bring the joy of music into people’s homes.

Receiver Jack Panel Connections: 101

I walk you through all of the connections on the back of a Denon AVRX2300W surround sound receiver.  Prepare your inputs for this output of info!

The Perfect Xbox One Integration

Here’s a behind the scenes breakdown of how I integrate game consoles like the Xbox One into an entertainment system to make it super easy.

Unhappy With Your New 4K TV?

I discuss video processing and why it might be the reason you hate your new 4K TV.

The Inside of an HDMI Cable


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